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Khalid and Amina have been coming to Space since it opened. Khalid's Mum tells us:
'It has given Khalid somewhere to play, have fun and make friends in a safe environment where he can be himself! For Amina it has provided somewhere she can make friends, get messy and meet other siblings. Khalid has cerebral palsy, microcephaly, sensory processing disorder, development delay and asthma. Space has become a big family and we would be lost without it.

Sam and Ava love coming to our Stay & Play sessions. Their mum Lyndsey told us 'Sam is 6, brilliant, beautiful and amazing but struggles with Global Development Delay, Learning Difficulties and Speech and communication challenges. Ava is 5, stereotypical, she loves her brother and is his biggest fan. Space offers my little duo an environment that supports Sam to be himself, relax and not stand out as being 'different' but combined with that the sessions also offer Ava a happy place where she is supported by wonderful volunteers to take part in crafts (her absolute passion) and chat freely knowing that her brother is equally as happy.'

'We have been attending space since our move to Chester in July. The most amazing thing about space is friends. Sophie is 7 and has angelman syndrome. She can go make friends without being criticised for being to loud or heavy handed. Her sister Olivia is 5 has made many friends who understand her sister and relate as a sibling. For me as a mum I love meeting other parents who know life is tough and don't judge you when your child has a melt down . SPACE is a blessing to our family and we look forward to seeing our friends and making a mess ( I mean art) ever Saturday.'

Sisters Georgie aged 5 and Eleanor aged 6 come to our Stay & Play sessions. Their mum told us they 'had nowhere they could go together until we discovered Space. Every week they both head straight to the arts and crafts table. Eleanor meets friends from school. It's lovely to see the recognition.'

Luke and his siblings have been coming to Stay & Play sessions since they started a year ago. Their mum Lesley says:
'I love SPACE as it's somewhere for us as a family to go and relax. The children have fun and so do I, I look forward to meeting other familys and having a natter with a coffee. Luke has a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder he is 7 and looks forward to going to SPACE as he has the freedom of exploring things without feeling any anxiety. I also have twins who are 5 years old and they really enjoy going. It's a place we can go and not have to be on edge as we know Luke will be safe and so will the twins.'


Annabelle has been coming to Stay & Play since they began a year ago. The group allows her to see her school friends, make new friends and have lots of fun with them. Her mum Mand commented 'I can't begin to explain how much the group means to me and Annabelle. We have made amazing friendships which will be lifelong. It's our little haven of tranquillity where nobody judges us and we can be ourselves!'